5 tips for weight loss Stomach? Get a Flat Stomach Tips

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3 Responses to 5 tips for weight loss Stomach? Get a Flat Stomach Tips

  1. onyxblaze says:

    Not possible. Doing ab workouts will make you loose more weight in the stomach, but no significant amount.

  2. fairy_dust says:

    If you go on a healthy eating and exercising diet, you find that you will lose weight over. Unfortunately, there is no diet that will make you lose weight in one place only, or more than anywhere else. Fortunately though, stomach crunches will help tone your stomach and help make it leaner and flatter. I often find that eating 5 -6 small meals rather than 3 large ones helps keep the stomach flatter, as you’re less likely to over eat one meal and feel bloated. This is also good for your metabolism too.
    good luck x

  3. lentil says:

    managing total calorie intake is shown to be even more important than exercise in terms of weight loss. it is good you are working on better eating habits. the best part is that with medical supervision you can take safe pills to help you cut back even more and lose the weight for good. it’s far easier to maintain LOST weight than to lose it.

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