Acai Berry Formula Tips

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5 Responses to Acai Berry Formula Tips

  1. anthony n says:

    my guess? take it along with a good hour’s worth of exercise:) oh yeah, most labels say not to take it until your 18 but if its just acai berry then its most likely safe.

  2. Silverbullet says:

    Its nothing but another money making opportunity ginned up by the supplement industry. Fad, scam, snake oil. Con men have been coming up with this nonsense since the beginning of time.

  3. Katie says:

    Logically, if this product worked, wouldn’t EVERYONE be using it already? Dieting and exercising aren’t the most appealing tasks, so if there’s an amazing alternative such as simply eating the acai berry (which some claim to have lost 8 pounds in only one week with), there would be a whole lotta hoopla about it – gyms would probably run out of business because there would be no need for them. It’s totally a scam, all they want is your moola

  4. sckjoe says:

    The Zone Diet vs. Jenny Craig Weight Loss

    Our Review of these 2 programs:

    The Zone Diet is based on the theory of 40/30/30 — which means that 40% of calories should be from carbs, 30% from protein, and 30% from fats. This program was created by Barry Sears……and a well known book was published about this diet called “Enter the Zone”.

    So when a dieter eats a meal which is “40/30/30″ — then it’s referred to as a “Zone Favorable” meal.

    The author of the Zone Program (Barry Sears) claims that if you make all meals “Zone Favorable” then your body will have reduced insulin levels, which will lead to weight loss and fat burning.

    continue reading “The Zone Diet vs. Jenny Craig Weight Loss”

  5. Tim . says:

    No. I agree with the other posters, it doesn’t work. Diets in general don’t work because people expect an easy way out.

    If there was an easy way we’d all be thin and beautiful. But we aren’t, because going to a fast food restaurant is the easy way, instead of eating healthy foods and taking time to exercise. It’s the only way, just accept the truth now instead of wasting years (and money) on diets.

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