Antidepressants and Weight Loss Tips

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3 Responses to Antidepressants and Weight Loss Tips

  1. PK211 says:

    Zoloft made me lose weight.

  2. Debbie V says:

    Effexor didn’t do that for me. I wish it did!!
    I expected Concerta to do that. Again, I wish!!
    My son took Zyprexa for a while. My 8 yo gained 20 lbs. He was chubby for the first time in his slim as a stick life.
    He also takes Adderall. He doesn’t eat until it wears off and then he eats anything that doesn’t run fast enough.

    TX Mom

  3. Wendy G says:

    welbutrin causes weight loss. lexapro, prozac, celexa, zoloft. almost all anti-depressants but weight loss/weight gain is also associated with depression. I am taking effexor 225 mg and i lost a lot of weight when I first started taking it but then I eventually started gaining weight. I don’t know if its the effexor but I have a feeling it is.

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