Corporate weight loss programs – has won the trust? Tips

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9 Responses to Corporate weight loss programs – has won the trust? Tips

  1. AMANDA27 says:

    before starting any diet you should consult your doctor first then you and him can work out a personal diet plan. be careful do research and good luck!

  2. stevan v says:

    Yeah, a lot of cardio and mix it up with weightlifting, you don’t look fat really, but yeah, I think you should go for the ripped look, drop to 180-200, and you’ll look great! And when you start, it’s really important to have a positive attitude about the whole thing, good luck man!

  3. Lilleigh says:

    I am a femaile, I know a lot of diets.

    Do not eat an hour after your stomach starts rumbling that will start your body into survival mode. And it will store all the fats. You need to put your body on an intake schedule, all the water you can drink, if you need flavor there is crystal light, Never eat after you get hungry always eat before you get hungry, and do carido an hour before you eat, and non- cardio about an hour to two afterwards. You don’t need to lose 75 lbs, my guess would be about 40 with good muscle tone.
    edit- when i say good muscle tone I don’t mean bulky by anymeans, and my friend is 6 3 and weighs 190 and is very thin, so that should be good
    2nd edit – directed towards XX you are ridiculous if you new anything about how your body works you wouldn’t be giving such lame advise, when you eat after your stomach starts growling it causes you body to absorb everything especially any fats in the foods no matter how low they are and it stores them to be use later, and the more you do that the less likely your are to meet your goal, and remember when you start losing weight you lose it from head to toe, so your face will get thin first then neck then shoulders and arms and chest and stomach and butt and thighs and calves, you can only make your shoulders and chest as small as your frame is and unfortunately men tend ot have broad shoulders and chests because of their bone structure

  4. Mary says:

    extreme dieting does not work. You need to have medical clearance. Meet with a registered dietician. If you joing a gym, you usually get a trainer to set up a program for you included in the membership. Most HMO these days in the US offer money towards gym memberships and weight loss programs.

    Your bmi is 29.4. this is considered overweight. 30 is considered obese.

    Avoid fad diets, diet pills. It is a long hard battle. On average you want to lose 1 pound a week. It is a lifestyle change if you want to keep the weight off. You need to combine cardio, weights, stretching and healthy eating.There is no quick fix. You did not gain the weight overnight and you will not loose it overnight.

    Take it from someone who has been there.

  5. lrupersburg says:

    I think 75 lbs is too much weight for you to lose. There’s nothing wrong with broad shoulders and chest.

  6. Tonja K says:

    You don’t look like you have 75 pounds to lose, you look more like you could benefit from firming up. More than likely when you do this you will gain weight as what you have turns to muscle. Low carb and low fat is good, instead of waiting until you are starving which will probably make you eat more, try eating 4 or 5 small meals a day. I had gestational diabetes, the dietitian had me cut back to 30 grams of carbs per meal or snack, the problem is that you still need to get the milk your body needs so you have to time it right. They had me eating 3 meals plus 3 snacks at no more than 30 grams of carbs each. Pregnant I lost 20 pounds quickly so it’s most definitely possible to lose weight fast and healthily. Good luck!

  7. X X says:

    i like your plan! and i understand how you feel, it’s honestly refreshing to see a man that doesn’t want to be muscular. just because it may be a picture of health to someone doesn’t mean it is to everyone. just like some women dont like their curves, they’d like a slender, boyish (but still clearly effeminate) figure. your weight loss pace is pretty moderate, maybe just slightly above average depending when in summer you plan to be done. since you don’t care about gaining muscle, the cardio plan is perfect. but be sure you’re not losing too much muscle, considering that can sometimes make you look bigger in certain areas, though it will probably not concern the area you’re worried about-it looks like you are pure muscle up there.

    be sure to watch your calories too, though that usually comes in hand with low-carb, low-fat. you probably won’t even have to worry about it is what i’m saying. i am an advocate of water fasting so i really love the “true hunger” test. and let me suggest EAS AdvantEDGE drinks-i have been doing this liquid diet thing to support my mom after her gastric bypass and drink them as my 3 meals. they fill me up and are low in everything; they’re pretty much the only thing in the world i know that do that. make sure you drink a lot of water. otherwise you are obviously aware of what you need to do for your personal goals, and that’s what matters-not the general opinion of what should be done for losing weight. good luck man.

    p.s. i just read your answers and i am LAUGHING. “Do not eat an hour after your stomach starts rumbling that will start your body into survival mode.” ?????? that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. your metabolism is not even effected (affected? i never get those right) by not eating until THREE. DAYS. and even then, you still lose weight. please don’t listen to these ridiculous, mainstream claims. these people rarely do their research. eating before you’re hungry? that is so stupid. no wonder we have such a fat nation.

    another edit: you sound like the perfect candidate for water fasting, actually. i bet you could do that sort of thing. are you interested in that? is a support forum for water fasters, is a support forum for people who fast for weight loss (includes juice fasting, etc), and they are all very helpful and will assist you in fasting while you are doing it. people usually post daily progress. many of them don’t agree with the mainstream ideas of weight loss, so even if you don’t want to water fast for a long period of time (i water fast a day a week) you may find a home there. on the water fasting forum, the user mouseclick lost 90 pounds just from fasting for week-long periods over a year or so. is a great book to read regarding fasting; give a few chapters a shot even if you’re like “wtf? no!” to fasting at this point. it’s very informative.

  8. nerovega says:

    well i also dont agree with losing that much weight but thats what u want so ok.
    Anyway i think you need to research dieting because you should be eating small meals throughout the day. like 5 to 6 small meals with at least 2000 calories total
    this will help speed up ur metobolism which will help with burning calories faster which means burning fat faster

  9. Dancie says:

    Sounds good except for some parts. “only cardio” will just make you flabby. Try to lift small weights a lot, which will mean definition of muscles, not bulk. Otherwise your arms will become flab, which I don’t think is what you want. Also, not eating until an hour after your stomache rumbles is the right idea, but it does not work. It will just slow down your metabolism and make you less hungry, so when you do eat, you gain more from it, as well as you’ll just eat more later. Timing doesn’t matter. Try instead to drink a full glass of water whenever you are hungry, then eat what it was you wanted, so that it makes you feel fuller and you end up eating less calories.

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