Dangerous methods of weight loss tips

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4 Responses to Dangerous methods of weight loss tips

  1. baseball_is_my_life says:

    I consider losing more than 2 pounds a week (not sure what that converts to in kilograms) pretty dangerous, although larger individuals usually lose more than that when they start exercising regularly.

    Your doctor is right to not be too concerned…yet. If you continue to drop weight, you should go back to the doc.

  2. chiefie minnie says:

    if you are trying to lose weight, 2 lbs a week is the healthy way to go…

    since you had diarrhea, you might just have lost a lot of water in your body… don’t forget to rehydrate… if there is continued undesirable weight loss, try going back to the doctor, there might be something else causing it.

  3. Meg D says:

    If you keep losing 1 kilo everyday for 30 days, then it’d be very dangerous. But that kind of rapid weight loss is usually a result of a medical condition.

  4. Skeptic says:

    I assure you that you did not lose 2 kilos of fat or muscle. You lost mostly 2 kilos of water and possibly undigested solids. Please stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Avoid packaged drinks because they can contains additives like aspartame, sugar, colorings, preservatives, MSG, and other unhealthy ingredients. If you want juice, squeeze it from fresh fruit. Better yet, drink water and eat the fruit whole for more fiber.

    Please just watch your calorie consumption and don’t let it get too low or too high. Either could trigger unhealthy weight gain in the long run.

    For optimal health in the long-run, avoid too much dairy, meat, and pre-packaged foods. Focus more on whole fruits, vegetables, non-gluten whole grains (not processed commercial cereals), a variety of beans, and some nuts.

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