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Rapid weight loss ideas do not have to be unhealthy. There are ways to work with your bodys natural fat burning processes to utilize rapid weight loss ideas and take off your excess weight as quickly as possible. If you stick to healthy diet and exercise options your rapid weight loss ideas may not be as quick as some popular fad diets, but they will keep your body healthy in the long term rather than depleting its nutrient and energy reserves.

Here are a few rapid weight loss ideas that will work with a healthy diet and exercise program.

1. Most lists of rapid weight loss ideas include detox of some sort to rid the body of toxic elements or stored waste. While some detox programs are rather unhealthy, especially if followed for long periods of time, you can accomplish the same results by taking in as much water and fresh vegetables as possible. Most of your body is water and if you do not take in enough to keep it functioning, you may feel worn out and will likely think you are hungry when it is actually thirst. Fresh vegetables and fruit should be eaten with every meal if you want to keep your body clean and regular. The more water you pump in the less water your body will actually hold as well.

2. High fiber foods are a main ingredient for rapid weight loss ideas. Whole grain breads, rice, pasta, and fresh fruits and vegetables will keep your system regular and healthy. Taking out refined and processed foods and eliminating sugar will go a long way to taking off excess weight, because the fiber has been removed during processing. Replace them with whole grain sources and you will see quicker weight loss results.

3. Many people believe that weight training will cause a gain in weight due to muscle growth, but this is actually the opposite of true. Rapid weight loss ideas must include some resistance training because the more lean muscle your body develops the more calories you will burn while you are not working out. It is the best way to burn more calories around the clock, even while you sleep. You will be burning off stored fat while building muscle, so it would take a long time to actually see a pound gained due to muscle increase, if it ever happens at all. Women do not have the hormones in their bodies to become big like professional weightlifters, so that should not be a concern either.

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Question by djelkie: any ideas on solutions to loose rapid weight loss besides gastric bypass?
i am getting laproscopic gastric bypass surgery but i am finding out its kind of dangerous.any one have any other different ideas for rapid weight loss?

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Answer by Diane Y
I had lap band and I just love it. I am six months out and have lost 60 pounds and lots of inches. I have had NO problems and have lost my insulin that I had to take 4 times a day and I am just loving it. It is a lifestyle change also but not like the gastric bypass. Here is a couple of web sites that might be interesting to you.

I was really wanting to have gastric bypass but my cardiologist said No, but would okay the lap band. I was disappointed but not anymore and I don’t have to take all those supplements in order to stay healthy. My cousin had it done (gastric bypass) a year and half ago and she is doing fine and would do it again in a heartbeat and I would do mine in a heartbeat..each person is different and has different experiences. I had 150 pounds to lose and now I have 90 to go and that is after just six months. Good Luck on your weight loss journey, no matter what you chose to do…

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11 Responses to Do You Know Some Rapid Weight Loss Ideas Tips

  1. Brian C says:

    I highly suggest you avoid any surgery. This is something that can be tackled by yourself, without surgery. Your two friends when it comes to weight loss is information and discipline! Think hard about this choice: people can die as a result from this surgery, and even though this is uncommon many more are miserable after regardless. Pick up some dice and have a toss..are you feeling lucky? I suggest you get some information help from professionals first, and then apply discipline yourself. Check out my source if you want help, but avoid that surgery at all costs.

  2. Master B says:

    have proper balanced diet. and most of all always take food in small bites.this prevent overeating.for rapid weightloss You should use herbal ingredients, which create one of the highest quality and safest mechanisms for you to lose weight. Gradual, natural weight loss that leads to a healthier, happier life.there are site which are providing free can try. thanks

  3. Ddd D says:

    Low calorie diets completely damage your metabolism and never result in long term weight loss. Haven’t you ever heard someone say “But I barely eat all day and I still can’t lose weight!”. Because they are completely shutting down their metabolisms and getting fatter and fatter each day.

    The truth is that it’s more important where your calories come from. Just simply reducing your calories may result in no weight loss and leave you tired and hungry all day.

    The key lies in the specific combinations of different food groups and patterns of the food you eat. By eating one food before another, or with another, you can increase your calorie burn rate by up to 113%. (That’s how you can eat up to 3,000 calories and burn 3,500 or more.)

    Put simply, by eating mostly what you’re eating now – but re-arranging your food into different combinations and patterns, you’ll reach your ideal weight in record time – and safely too. (As any reputable physician will advise you: too rapid weight loss is risky and a major cause of gall-stones.)

    Just by altering and re-arranging your food into different combinations and patterns, you achieve 24/7 Calorie burning, effortlessly — safely melting away your excess fat.

  4. Hendrik K. says:

    To achieve a weight loss that is quick and safe, you need to have a plan and a checklist to keep you motivated. The trip to losing weight can be a lonely one and filled with temptations. An effective way to start losing weight is to put your weight loss goals on a piece of paper, establish how much weight to lose, and over what period of time.

    Once you establish what your goals are, find ways to lose weight by watching what you eat and seek opportunities to get into physical activities. However be mindful that whatever you do to lose weight, you must maintain a balanced diet which is defined as foods that contain carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, mineral salts and fibre that are consumed in the correct proportions.

  5. Nilzar says:

    Lose 29 pounds in 30 days! New methods of weight loss allow you to lose weight on-line at your own pace. This program teaches you to lose weight the right way and keep it off.

  6. Health Guru B-RAD says:

    I am sure you have read the recent press on how Acupuncture helps weight loss. My husband who is an Acupuncturist has developed a product for home use to help you lose weight utilizing Acupuncture point stimulation.

    AcuAids designed by a Physician and Acupuncturist Dr. William Schneider D.C., FIAMA, Dipl.Ac. AcuAids is a way of doing Acupuncture without needles, incorporated with Neuroprogramming and Hypnosis. The system includes an instructional DVD, CD a reference card and enough AcuAids magnetic patches for one month, a complete program.

    Dr. Schneider has had great success using the product in his Holistic Health center.

    The product is currently retailing for $ 39.99. You can see more of our product line at

    good luck from Natali

  7. H K says:

    I was going to have gastric bypass but then a friend recommend this witch that casts weight loss spells so I tried it. It worked great and I’m so happy that I didn’t have to have surgery. I would recommend her to anyone looking to try something natural

  8. DODI D says:
    hi this website will help you a lot
    Good Luck

  9. the_new_minoty says:

    There’s only ONE WAY to lose fat – and that is to create a calorie deficit. However, there are two ways to create a calorie deficit – one is to decrease your food intake so you are eating less than you burn, the other is to increase your exercise and activity so you are burning more than you eat.

    Of the two ways to create a calorie deficit, burning the fat is far superior to starving it. You see, cutting calories too much causes weight loss at first, but it also causes muscle loss and it eventually leads to a decrease in metabolism, so the weight loss stops. This is very common on conventional diets, right? You lose weight in the beginning, but then you hit a plateau that you just can’t break through. Cutting calories even more at this point only digs you even into a deeper “metabolic hole.”

    Eating more of the right foods (up to a certain point) actually increases your metabolic “heat” like putting wood on a fire. Food is energy; food is fuel, and it produces (metabolic) heat.

    Exercise burns calories and creates a calorie deficit, but the real advantage of exercise over diet is that exercise increases your metabolism, dieting slows it down. Exercise also has major health benefits, while starvation can only create health problems.

    So if you eat more (healthy foods) and exercise more, you get a double increase in metabolism. If you eat less and exercise less you get a double decrease in metabolism. That makes complete sense doesn’t it?

    The IDEAL exercise program for fat loss has a combination of cardiovascular (aerobic) training and strength training. But ultimately, you’re not likely to stick with exercise long term unless you choose activities you enjoy – so pick something you enjoy, even if it doesn’t follow the guidelines of “traditional” fat loss programs. It’s better to do something than nothing, and all exercise counts.

    Some people may have orthopedic problems which limit the type of exercise they can do. But nearly everyone can walk. So if you can walk, then walk. And almost everyone can do some type of strength training. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do or what you don’t like to do, direct your attention to what you CAN do and what you would like to do.

    Maybe you don’t like being couped up inside all the time. Maybe you’d prefer hiking or jogging outside. Or maybe boxing or martial arts sounds cool to you. Maybe you like basketball or tennis. Maybe you’d enjoy classes, or yoga or pilates. Your options are nearly unlimited, but you have to do something or your body will begin to deteriorate.

    As you increase your lean muscle mass, you’ll also get a permanent increase in your resting metabolic rate. Muscle is what drives your metabolism, keeps you young and makes you look more physically attractive. Others will notice how good you look, and you’ll feel better about yourself too. Yes, you may lose weight from diet alone, but you’re likely to end up a “skinny fat person” with a slow metabolism and very little lean body mass (not to mention, you’ll probably gain back all the fat)

    Last, but not least, be careful what you say to yourself over and over because that tends to program your subconscious mind and create your self image. If you’ve been repeating to yourself for years, “I’m not big on exercise” or “I’m not an exercise person”, that eventually becomes a part of your identity. You always tend to behave in alignment with your identity in order to stay “true to yourself.”

    Maybe when you look in the mirror after just a few weeks and see your body start to change you’ll begin to like enjoy exercise a LOT. It can get addictive, you know. The endorphins that are released when you exercise are like opiates. Ever hear of “runners HIGH?” Ever hear of an “exercise addict?” What would YOU rather be hooked on? Forget about popping pills, Your body is the most exquisite pharmacy on the planet. Exercise is a better fat burner, health creator, energy producer and anti-depressant than any man-made drug will EVER be. Exercise can be fun and FEEL GOOD too.

    Human beings were meant to move. Bodies don’t lose their function by being used too much and “wearing out”, they lose their function by not being used enough and “rusting out.” So if the positive benefits of exercise don’t motivate you enough, then just picture yourself 10, 20 years from now and imagine what will happen to you if you DON’T start exercising today.

    Check out my website, where I have reviewed the top weight loss products.

    I hope this is beneficial to you reaching your goals!

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