Everloss – Major Weight Loss By Following 1 Single Rule? Tips


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If you are severely overweight and want a major weight loss change in your life it is important to stay way from harsh workouts or strict diets. In order to get that long term success we all strive for, we need to stop using methods that are detrimental to both our health and psyche. Going without food for days and exercising until we are exhausted is not the way to achieve a slimmer body. What you can do however is use a more modern approach that will give you different results and a different way to look at health in general.

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One great system you can try for yourself is the Everloss program. What sets this program apart from many other systems is that you get more out of it than you put in. This works by focusing on building up the metabolism over time so that you can avoid plateaus and have consistent results week after week. How much weight will you lose every week? 6 Pounds is the average and this is a very high number when you compare it to many other programs. Who wants to lose weight slowly when you can use some secret techniques to speed up the process? Say goodbye to slow results and hello to supercharged results that will leave your jaw dropped! If you want a major weight loss turnaround, look no further than the innovative Everloss system!

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Question by chibru3: Do all of the major weight loss pills have caffeine?
I have read that the major weight loss supplements are mostly caffeine (Xenadrine, Stacker, Trim Spa, Ect.). This is why most pro athletes do not use them. Is this statement true? Are there any caffeine free supplements? Also, is it true that ephedra is a form of caffeine?

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Answer by sarge927
You’re right — ALL the major weight loss pills are either LOADED with caffeine or they contain ephedra, which can be lethal if taken by teenagers or persons suffering from high blood pressure or heart disease. That is EXACTLY why pro-athletes won’t take them. Ephedra = ephedrine hydrochloride, but I have no idea if that’s in the caffeine family. And no, I can’t name any weight loss or fat burning supplement that doesn’t contain caffeine or ephedra (or both). BOTTOM LINE: They don’t work over the long term and can have nasty long-term effects. The high levels of caffeine and/or ephedra mess with your metabolism and actually cause your metabolism to run slower after you stop taking them. So you could take them for a few months, lose the weight you want to lose, but once you stop you’ll have to exercise harder or eat a lot less just to maintain. Not good. You’re better off going the natural way. Check out the website below for a plan to lose weight and keep it off without the use of fat burners, supplements, or pills.

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2 Responses to Everloss – Major Weight Loss By Following 1 Single Rule? Tips

  1. guyofdoom2 says:

    Almost all of the diet supplements use caffiene to “boost” your metabolism, but it’s artificial and once you stop taking the pills your left with a caffiene addiction and a metabolism that’s back to whatever you were before hand.

    I don’t know of any caffiene free supplements, but ephedra is not a form of caffiene.

  2. Richard C says:

    yes, pills contain caffeine
    it is better to go through any diet plans for losing wt

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