Excessive weight loss increases the risk of fractures in women tips

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<p> me 11 days after the surgery!<br />
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<p> British University of Bristol researchers have used tools of bone density and body fat in the form of more than 4000 years old 15 years old adolescents. The results showed that the bones of the respondents with higher levels of body fat were stronger. This relationship between bone and fat mass is evident in her, if the increase in girls’ body fat to 5 kg, the thickness of the bone is a small increased 8%. The researchers said the same weight, body fat is usually more girls than boys, and girls’ body fat is important for skeletal development. Wellcome Trust Medical Research Council volunteers recruited 14,000 pregnant women and to monitor the health of women and children from 1991 to 1992. The study also confirmed that the amount of body fat in skeletal development of the girls higher than boys. Scientists previously thought that there was no correlation between the amount of muscle and bone growth, but there was finally reached that stage. </P> A recent study of eating disorders research center at King’s University College London have shown that some models are so-called “size zero” often comes into contact with stars, which is elevated in cases of eating disorders in society. The doctors have warned that a top excessive weight loss, not only endanger their own health and fertility, but she is a “bad example”. Jon Tobias of the Daily Mail reports in Colombia, “many girls want to narrow the enormous pressure, but you must understand that this behavior can affect the bones, in order to increase the risk of osteoporosis.” The rate of osteoporosis and hip fractures in women three times more than men, so the women strong bones at a young age. Some studies have found that a lack of calcium is not caused by ingestion of vitamin D and exercise effectiveness can not afford to achieve the optimal level of bone strength. </P> “Many people believe that once the sport to lose weight, and strong bones, but it’s not quite correct,” Tobias said: “If you are walking and other low-impact exercise, of course, the weight is lost, but it’s useless making strong bones. to counteract the side effects of weight loss, a few high-impact sports such as running and jumping “where appropriate. </P>
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29 Responses to Excessive weight loss increases the risk of fractures in women tips

  1. infectedlobe says:

    nice legs

  2. leviterande says:

    I am 178lbs 176cm long, gotta get down damn it damn it! nice results you got girl!!!

  3. khatanahlya says:

    how much weight did you lost

  4. trinnybear5 says:

    You don’t even look big enough to have had a surgery…how much did you weigh before and now? Also..what surgery did you have?

  5. SeychelleK says:

    Congrats! You look very happy with your results. I am curious…how much did you lose total?

  6. dmac321321 says:

    Congrats you look amazing keep up the good work !!!!! I use to be 430 LBS and I’m down to 340 lbs so I have aways to go but Its awesome to see someone who has had the surgery.

  7. zjaz10 says:

    wow great transformation!! :)

  8. junito42 says:

    wow, congrats on the weight loss and the skin removal. I have lost 90 lbs and am looking to have my excess skin removed as well. How much did your procedure cost? Can you share the name of your cosmetic surgeon?
    Best wishes.
    Junito Perez

  9. ScarlettOBeara says:

    PROPS!….Who’s you doctor?

  10. smoovovi says:

    hey congrats in your result one question are the scar permanent sorry for the spelling

  11. SGmom2 says:

    Who did your surgeries?

  12. navaikus says:

    what was the price for it?

  13. SOPUNNY says:

    I wanna see the final one !! cause my girl getting what u got. U got a tit job to right?

  14. Rpospolitus says:

    good job

  15. gamecockfroggy says:

    You are so adorable! I am wanting to have my excess skin removed. My arms aren’t going to need it, but my stomach & thighs will need it. I’ve already documented my weight loss surgery journey. Now I’m going to document this one. You look amazing btw.

  16. 12dctc says:

    all your videos have some kick ass music lol

  17. 747Alexis80 says:

    you are AMAZING!

  18. CorruptedCorpseSaku says:

    i now people have already asked but was it really 40 grand? o…o
    i mean i really want this done. ;-;

  19. diehardcutie says:

    @plasticnitwit if you can prove that it causes you psycological problems, than OHIP (Ontario’s Health Plan) will cover cosmetic surgery. It doesn’t depend on Canada, its up to each province’s health plan.

  20. PortugueseYawdGal says:

    you look greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt gurl…

  21. keSshula1 says:

    wow congratz u look so sexy ..Congratz!

  22. Uwantsummadiz says:

    OMG i used 2 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    uhhhhhhh your just awesome!

  23. xxxwillefreshxxx says:

    This need we have for beauty is driving me insane. Two years ago I weighed ~230lbs, I’ve taken cardiovascular exercise to the extreme, running 6-10 miles 4-6 times a week. Now I’m at 161. I don’t know who I am anymore, I don’t know who I can trust, suddenly those distant people want to be friendly. I don’t really care much about anything aside from my own well-being. It has changed me so much. For the better? I’m really not sure. I hope I can work this out. I’m 20, Male, from the Northeast USA.

  24. butholeturd says:

    I think you are beautiful both ways :] You are my inspiration!!! :)

  25. PookieBaby86 says:

    Hey How Much Did All that Cost If You Dont Mind Me Asking

  26. TheMrWilk says:

    Yeah a doctor could answer that Einstein!

  27. doc_is says:

    Go see a doctor. Blood in the urine could be just a UTI. But it could be a lot of different things. Have it checked out.

  28. ke su says:

    Go to Dr. asap. like tonight even.
    These are serious symptoms for all kinds of serious conditions.
    Dont wait till labor day weekend is over.
    It probably isnt cancer but his kidneys or liver could be not functioning properly.He needs med attention.

  29. Tina says:

    He should have seen a doctor at the first sign of blood, blood is not normal in the urine. He could have a serious bladder or kidney infection, and now damage from waiting to see a doctor. He could also have cancer of either kidney, bladder, or prostrate. Get him to a doctor asap.

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