High-fiber diet, Weight Loss Tips

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3 Responses to High-fiber diet, Weight Loss Tips

  1. nora22000 says:

    Fiber in the diet helps to move everything along. This time of year, soups like lentil and green split pea contain loads of fiber and taste delicious!

  2. sejal p says:

    yes, it will help. eat lots of pineapples and mangoes….

  3. Saura says:

    Yes, definitely! I recommend that you try taking 1 Tablespoon of Whole Psyllium Husk dissolved in water or fruit juice. Take it for at least 2 weeks. It will grab undigested food in your gut. Drink a lot more water. It will keep you from being constipated and it will make you feel more full. You can gradually increase your psyllium husk consumption to 3 tablespoons a day.

    Cut back your sodium intake to 1500 mg a day by consuming more raw vegetables and less processed food.

    Eat your lightest meal at night, or don’t eat at all during the evening.

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