How a Weight Loss Counselor can Help You Lose Weight Tips


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Have you failed to achieve your weight loss goals in the time you had set for yourself? Are your efforts at dieting not yielding any results? You are not alone. There are several people who try rigorous exercises and complex diets and still do not manage to shed weight. Do not be de-motivated. You can consult a weight loss counselor to know what is going wrong.

Consulting a Weight Loss Counselor

Weight loss counseling is a billion dollar industry today. The huge turnover of this industry itself justifies the need for consulting a weight loss counselor. Basically, a counselor combines the principles of both nutrition and psychology to enable clients to achieve weight loss and also maintain it. This includes educating clients on making smart dietary choices and, at the same time, developing a positive attitude towards their goals, efforts and healthy living. A counselor helps his clients stay on the right track by providing them emotional support as well as psychological counseling.

Many doctors also refer weight loss counseling to patients who face health problems due to their weight. It is crucial that you choose a reputed and reliable weight loss counselor. It is important for you to feel comfortable while discussing your problems with the counselor, in order to get the full support to keep your spirits high. Remember, weight loss is not a matter of just a few weeks or months (in many cases), unless you opt for a surgery, which may have side effects. So, make sure to steer clear of weight loss counselors who make promises to help you lose weight very fast.

It is, however, not very difficult to find a trusted weight loss counselor to stay motivated on your path to achieving your goals. The Internet is a great source for identifying good counseling websites where you can find a wealth of interesting and relevant information compiled in an easy manner. One such site is GNGH that has a record of 10 years of helping people lose weight and keep healthy. You can even send a query on to receive personalized help.


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Question by CHANTHY N: What college major should I pursue if I want to be a weight loss counselor?

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Answer by tardis_mom
I don’t know if your college has this major, but “nutrition”. You are trying to become a nutritionist.

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5 Responses to How a Weight Loss Counselor can Help You Lose Weight Tips

  1. Shasta says:

    agreed with the above post :)
    Good Luck and happy trails ;)

  2. Sleepwalker says:

    Psychology and nutrition seem appropriate

  3. sophieb says:


  4. gimpalomg says:

    I like all the above answers but I would suggest that you might want a minor in some physical fitness category. Maybe Physical Education.

  5. gobaby74 says:

    major in exercise science, nutrition science, or physical education/physical fitness . . . minor in psychology focusing on counseling classes . . . usually, universities have an interdisciplinary major that you can basically do three minors (exercise science, nutrition, and psychology/counseling)

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