Join a holiday weight loss tips to lose those extra pounds

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27 Responses to Join a holiday weight loss tips to lose those extra pounds

  1. beautyisnteverything says:

    @LonnieandJess Thank you :)

  2. beautyisnteverything says:

    @SouthernBelleSammy Technically Im from PA LOL but my family has always lived in the south :) we’re warm weather people and beach people LOL Thanks so much!

  3. beautyisnteverything says:

    @08jaydensmommy08 Thank you!!

  4. beautyisnteverything says:

    @KaraDaneDallas Thank you!

  5. beautyisnteverything says:

    @dreamflight6000 LOL Amy I feel like Im going crazy! Now I know what you’re talking about ha ha Thanks so much :) I feel amazing but still have a few pounds to go!

  6. beautyisnteverything says:

    @kathrynmichelle84 Thank you!

  7. beautyisnteverything says:

    @maria22284 I did a lot! I have a blog up where you can see my journey and what workouts I did. I have a few on DVD and others I got off netflix :)

  8. beautyisnteverything says:

    @Vee0705 Thank you! As long as you’re determined you can do it!!! I couldnt do the 30 day shred ha ha it was too hard to start with. I ended up getting a denise austin cardio video and it worked out so much better for me. I hate being on the floor then back up etc ha ha

  9. beautyisnteverything says:

    @suezq4369 LOL I think a lot of it is from the miscarriages and his fear of more. Its hard once you’ve been through it to think any other way

  10. beautyisnteverything says:

    @MistressKittyLynn ha ha thank you

  11. beautyisnteverything says:

    @nextinlineforsuicide I wish I didnt have to worry about medical bills!

  12. beautyisnteverything says:

    @carebearhotwheels1 Good one ;) I’ll add that to our list. May be awhile seeing as how Im just starting to see them LOL and most the the parents over there are in the same boat…..

  13. beautyisnteverything says:

    @xpinkdollie Its very hard but stick with it and you will soon see results!!

  14. beautyisnteverything says:

    @mina247 thank you

  15. beautyisnteverything says:

    @misaki52008 Thanks!

  16. beautyisnteverything says:

    @babyphatgurlee Thank you!

  17. LonnieandJess says:

    You look great Sasha!! Keep up the good work!

  18. SouthernBelleSammy says:

    Are you from South Carolina? I can too! I’m from the upstate! You do look great! (:

  19. 08jaydensmommy08 says:

    you look great!! :o )

  20. KaraDaneDallas says:

    Dallas is the exact same !!!! Not really into letters and colours and stuff but always running around into everything :0) Great update !!!Have fun on your holiday and GREAT job with the weight loss !!! Love the possible baby talk !!!

  21. dreamflight6000 says:

    Those comparison pictures are awesome! You look SO AMAZING! I could tell without the pictures but the pictures really show it! Have a wonderful vacation!! Terrible twos..! Join the terrible two’s club! :) Oooo Nov, Dec!! YAY! Hope so!

  22. kathrynmichelle84 says:

    It was so nice to get an update on everything! Im with you on the planning for the second baby thing…we ase just now getting to the point where we feel prepared enough to think about that. Have a great time on vacation!

  23. maria22284 says:

    you look great!! what did you for exercise when you were exercising? good luck with everything!

  24. Vee0705 says:

    Holy crow you look awesome !! I hope that I can do that well once I have my baby boy :) I have the 30 day shred all ready haha

  25. suezq4369 says:

    I was an only child so I completely agree!!! We go back and forth too. Sometimes he says 2 some days 3. Others he can’t imagine more than one!

  26. Jude says:

    That’s simply undereating, unless you are only 2 feet tall. If you eat too little, your metabolism slows down as if you were in a famine or starving, and you will actually lose less than you would if you eat moderately less than normal maintenance calories. You’ll stress your system, improve your chances of getting sick and also getting back any weight lost immediately and then some as soon as you stop starving yourself. Unless your are *seriously* overweight, you need a minimum of about 10 cals per pound of your current weight, you should lose safely on that if you are as active as described.

  27. raea says:

    Maybe you’ll have more proven diet and exercise plan from these methods:
    The first called EODD,it’ s about calorie cycling.It’s broken down into “burn days” and “feed days”. During the burn days, you eat only 30-50% of your maintenance caloric intake. During the feed days, you consume up to 150% of your maintenance caloric intake. You are allowed to eat the foods that you like on these days as long as the portions are controlled. So you can eat your favorite food and still maintain your ideal weight.
    The second one is about burning fat with breathing exercise. It based on heat,fuel and oxygen for burning process.The oxygen we breathe in metabolizes with body fat to form adenosine triphosphate (ATP), our primary source of energy.
    Basically, the more oxygen we take in, the more fat we burn.

    They’re relatively easy, and together will accelerate the fat loss

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