Master Cleanse Secrets – Quick Natural Weight Loss Tips

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27 Responses to Master Cleanse Secrets – Quick Natural Weight Loss Tips

  1. facelessfatloss says:

    ABSOLUTELY Kris…but there are benefits to certain cooked foods as well. The combo got me chiseled down. :)

  2. infinitedreams56 says:

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  3. B00B0000 says:

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  4. wisdaniel says:

    I started eating a bag of popcorn and limiting other foods to 900 Calories a day. The fat is melting off my body, and I feel great!

  5. infinitedreams56 says:

    what the fuck is a stone?

  6. 99sra says:

    I can’t stop thinking that… she did all that work to lose waight and BRAVO, but couldn’t she do a better haircut? Her face and hair was prettier before!

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  18. LocalHCG says:

    @UNiqEz The problem is that by eating well will usually only maintain your weight. To lose weight, you need to do more.

  19. Nofretari says:

    @hathome I have 25 lbs in 2 months just by drinking just under a gallon of water a day and eating only organic.

  20. UNiqEz says:

    @DiceEsque lol i think i tried 3 weeks of veggies and still weighted 300lbs

  21. crusher143 says:

    Potatoes and rice (white rice yea but brown rice is very good) are bad ? Ok here I stopped to watch. Especially potatoes doesnt have alot of calories and fills you up for the longest time of every food.

  22. jessicalvv says:

    my friend has a great article on losing weight. I have the web page on my channel. check it out thank you

  23. onasis16 says:

    thats the best diet on the market

  24. pokefanram95 says:

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  26. mae says:

    Rapid weight loss generally speaking, is associated with extreme dieting. Some side effects on these are:
    *Shivering -Body fat provides insulation against loss of heat.
    *Hair Loss -generally occurs due to reduced in take of proteins.
    *Gall Stones -It is caused possibly by a shift in the balance of bile salts and cholesterol.
    *Loss of muscle tissue -One great disadvantage of losing weight quickly is loss of lean muscle tissue.
    *Loss of water -This is related to loss of muscle tissue. Proteins that make up muscles are made up of carbon, nitrogen and water molecules.
    *Hanging body skin -This is especially common among the obese that lose a huge amount of body fat rapidly.

    Hope you make sure your doing the right way of losing your weight.

  27. Paul says:

    While 25lb over 3 months(13 weeks) is really at the top end of healthy weight loss, a 2lb/week average isn’t too bad. Had you lost this amount without exercising I could understand your doctors concern.

    Did you maintain a balanced and healthy food intake during this time? That is the only area that I can see that would produce a problem. I would however listen to your doctor though as they obviously have more information than we do.

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