Natural Weight Loss Diet Pills and supplements: how they work? Tips

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7 Responses to Natural Weight Loss Diet Pills and supplements: how they work? Tips

  1. soniyamystical says:

    I agree with the meals, less is better. After breakfast, we shouldn’t eat again until it has been digested. Depending on what we eat that can take 3-8 hrs.

  2. medini2 says:

    i think all these things “help”, but, weight is not going to “fall off” unless you are able to do hours and hours of vigorous exercise nearly every day. if you want to really lose wt, 2 workouts in a day is what is needed. less time to think of anything else, so you stay goal oriented, less time to eat.
    the problem w/ this is burning fat releases toxins..our immune system takes a hit, we get sick and quit.
    anyone have any ideas how to deal w/ immune system crashes r/t exercising?

  3. indian2335 says:

    doc, u know pallathadka keshava bhat?

  4. indian2335 says:

    dr, do u know pallathadka keshava bhat? from india. he lived in south america too

  5. Janaki88may says:

    @ranjanans Yes papaya is a great substitute, papaya is great for the digestive system. Be well, Dr. John

  6. nujazzplay says:

    This is by far the most truth, informative, and sensible guide I have ever seen, or heard. Thank you Dr

  7. ranjanans says:

    Great Video Doctor. Awesome video. thank you so much. As I’m watching, this came up in my mind. I live in India, I cannot find grapefruit here. any other substitute fruit that i can have? how about papaya? please suggest. Ranjana – Bangalore,India

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