New Body Needed: Benefits of cardio workout to lose weight, and heart health tips

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5 Responses to New Body Needed: Benefits of cardio workout to lose weight, and heart health tips

  1. Mike says:

    Hands down jumping rope. It burns twice as many calories as jogging or the eliptical and almost 3 times as many calories as the recumbant bike. Not to mention, it also works the upper body as far as toning goes. Stick with jumping rope!!

  2. GD says:

    I agree with Mike – Skipping far exceeds any of the other forms of cardio.

    The reason for this is because it uses a lot more of the body to perform the action. You have to propel your body into the air to jump the rope, whilst using your arms to keep the rope moving.

    Jogging always keeps one foot on the ground so technically it is propelling half your bodyweight compared to skipping.

    Elliptical cross trainers keep both feet on the ground so you’re not working as hard to move the body.

    Recumbent bike – your sitting down! Its only your legs being used for this one.

  3. Nikki says:

    The rope jump.

  4. Angelbubbles says:

    the only problem with the jump rope is that you’ll get tired faster and less likely to go on an hour.

    as for myself, i find the elliptical an easy effective cardio work out. i can be on there for an hour or more because although i am working out my legs and arms, i still don’t find myself out of breath to the point where i need to stop.

  5. Reyna says:

    They are all great for weightloss because its cardio. Jumping rope for 20 minutes sounds hard. i would do a combination circuit of elliptical, jogging and then bike. This will give you 1 hour of cardio which is great. Watch your calorie intake.

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