Page Band Surgery Dayton, Ohio performing lap band surgery tips

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  1. robee says:

    Go to your local Social Services agency. I’m sure they will help you.

  2. spaceskating_girl says:


    You are in a very difficult situation and I wish I could help you better. The other people here had good suggestions. You doctor may be able to help you with the right contacts and programs. Social services, perhaps your church or similar could be another option.

    It depends on which surgery you mean – lipo suction – which is where the fat is being sucked away (a dangerous procedure) or reducing the size of the stomach.
    Both are severe surgeries.

    It must be incredcibly hard to lose 200-250 pounds with dieting. But – I strongly suggest that you give that another try. In the end only eating less will really help.
    It is not true that can lose only 20 pounds. Thats is only your weakness, that after a few weks of dieting you want to eat, you have cravings and all that.

    I think a very strict diet, supervised by your doctor combined with a mental training (like self hypnosis) to help you go through it. And a plan for you life. Make it a 3 year plan. Like year 1: lose 80 pounds, year 2 : lose another 80 pounds year 3: lose another 80 pounds.
    You see – this will take a long time of hard discipline.

    At the same time keep yourself extremely busy and distract yoruself. Also keep your fridge always empty, have perhaps only a few fresh veggies in there (carrots to munch on).
    Go to school and get some good education so that you can score a better job.

    You are young and you are smart so you can do it – if you really want. It is only in your hands to turn your life around.

    And once you did it – you can help others, better than anybody else. They need you, so go and try and be strong.

    Praying while dieting also helps – if you are religious.

    Best wishes!

  3. thomnjo2 says:

    Listen, I don’t have a clue.
    But what did hit me as soon as I read your statement was your weight and the fact that you have managed to reach a lot of people quickly by writing on line like this.
    Maybe that’s the course of action you should stick to.
    You need a serious sponsor.
    Write to TV stations.Send pictures. Get coverage.
    Send tons of mail and emails. Do it to a point that it starts to worry them that you’ve asked them for help and they’ve refused you. That’s bad press for a big company.
    Contact all the big named weight loss specialists.
    Pound them, ask for help.
    Stamps are cheap 37 bucks for a thousand. Email till you drop.

    They have the money and you have the weight.
    You could prove to be a feather in their cap.

  4. Marianne says:

    Perhaps if you could be deemed disabled then you could qualify for medicare. Medicare will pay for bariatric weight loss surgery if it is done at a hospital that has qualified as a Center of Excellence. For more information you can visit the website

  5. Kat says:

    There is an insurance program offered by the state of Ohio that is for uninsured people & families who make too much for Medicaid. It is run thru Ohio Job & Family Services. Find the Job & Family services office in your county and call them. Maybe they can help you. GOOD LUCK!

  6. prp922 says:

    In Ca they have emergency healthcare for people who have life-threatening illnesses. High blood pressure, diabetes etc.
    Here it is called MSI.
    I do not know what is called there, but I am sure there is something.
    Call your local social security office, and I am sure someone can guide you.

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