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Weight loss programs – both digital and physical – sprout up all over the United States. They fade away just as quickly, it seems. And consumers are left with the difficult task of determining which weight loss program or center is the best for their given situation.

Quick Weight Loss Centers, out of Florida, is yet another option. But in this case, ruling the Centers out is a rather easy task. Quick Weight Loss claims to offer dieters a quick and easy way to lose weight on an individualized plan that involves no hunger. And what’s more – Quick Weight Loss requires no exercise. With these words, the program undercuts itself, betraying a measure of falsehood at the heart of the weight loss methodology. In other words, we reject outright any weight loss plan that claims practitioners don’t need to be physically active.

Program at a Glance

Quick Weight Loss Centers claims to offer holistic weight loss and management programs that focus on counseling, ongoing supervision, and the like.

Program in Focus

Despite the program’s denial of the importance of physical activity in weight loss, Quick Weight Loss Centers claims to offer a holistic approach. This seems a flat contradiction to us, as physical activity is absolutely crucial, not only to healthy weight loss, but also to long-term management.

Quick Weight Loss Centers takes into account personal history and medical conditions when determining how to best formulate an eating plan for an individual. The staff monitors progress and changes, while counselors help with behavioral education. The eating plan supposedly figures in a certain amount of flexibility, variety, and moderation. And the plans usually allow 1,500 calories per day.


•    Eating plans utilize real food.


•    De-emphasizes the role of exercise.

•    Vague website is unhelpful for really getting a handle on things.

•    Not the best example of a local weight loss program.

•    If you do not live around a center, you are out of luck.

Final Thoughts

Quick Weight Loss Centers offers a rather underwhelming weight loss program. Consumers interested in healthy, sustainable weight loss might want to look elsewhere, as Quick Weight Loss doesn’t seem equipped to offer the holistic approach it promises. Look for a plan in your area that incorporates both diet and exercise and supplements these practices with a modern, non-caffeine fat burner and appetite suppressant. Such a combination can really make a difference.

Shane Crafton is a diet editor, who’s team specializes in health, fitness and weight loss reporting.

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Question by MGM2009: Do you know of any thing I can substitute for Quick weight loss center, supplements?
I just joined Quick Weight Loss Center, to loose 25 lbs. After paying over $ 600. to join, and signing a contract, I found out there are Supplements that I need to take..costing well over $ 2500.00
Do you know of any other products I can substitute for their products?

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  3. George says:

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