Subliminal techniques are not losing weight? Tips

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2 Responses to Subliminal techniques are not losing weight? Tips

  1. readgold2000 says:

    I don’t much trust subliminals to be effective, especially if you are buying a tape from just anyone. You are better off with hypnotic suggestions than subliminals.

    Also, just as fyi you don’t just listen and lose weight…you would listen to a hypnosis type cd for several days or weeks in a row and over time you would find it a lot easier to make changes to your eating habits and your exercise habits.

  2. Chris C says:

    Subliminal and hypnosis can work to get your mental side under control. But to lose weight you will need to move, and watch what you eat.

    They may help you get motivated to begin taking action. Sitting on your couch all day listening to tapes will not make you lose weight.

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