The Residential Weight Loss Guide – Guide to Where you can lose weight and where is best for you! Tips


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The Residential Weight Loss Guide – Guide to Where you can lose weight and where is best for you!

Weight Loss Retreat

A weight loss retreat is a cross between a fitness bootcamp and health farm. They can offer a more laid back or an intensive program for fat loss and fitness. They feature massage therapy and fitness activities – usually Yoga & Pilates; some are vegan or raw veg only diets, and some are spiritually based. Often a weightloss retreat only offers a small amount of exercise per day, so check this out when comparing them. Weightloss ‘retreat weeks’ can be offered in a spa or hotel, very few offer personal training or personal fitness and diet plans. Some weight loss boot camps and military boot camps now call themselves weight loss retreats and are massive – 50 people, dorms and outdoor activities, rather like being back at school!

Fitness Boot Camp

A fitness bootcamp is a place to lose weight and fat fast, increase fitness levels, health and wellbeing. A fitness bootcamp is sometimes also called a fit camp, fat camp or military boot camp. Activities are usually more intensive than most weight loss retreats and are sometimes based around outdoor multi-activities. The emphasis at a fitness bootcamp is to tone up and build muscle – which in turn boosts your metabolism so you burn calories, lose weight and burn fat fast. Many have large groups without personal fitness plans and very few offer personal training.

Weight Loss Camp

The term weightloss camp usually describes weight loss through group, team and activity based exercise – some of the techniques at weight loss camps are military based. But attending most weight loss camps is like going to an adult multi-activity weightloss week.

WeightLoss Boot Camp

this can be a military style bootcamp or weightloss retreat or a health and fitness hiking spa which offers an intensive exercise program. They package them as weightloss and fitness programs – the main difference is in the package that is offered; (accommodation, food, staff, number of clients, hours of exercise, massage therapies, fitness activities and workshops).

Military BootCamp

The name military boot camp was first used in the US to describe fitness training for new recruits. They are mostly large group settings of 20+ taught by ex-military professionals with a tough regime. Often in dorms, but sometimes in luxury accommodation, a few offer massage therapies, but at an extra cost.

Hiking Spa

The term ‘Hiking Spa’ is widely used in the US and can be used to describe anything from an active walking break or hiking vacation or a health hiking spa. Some are based in a spa, retreat or hotel and have programs for: weightloss, wellbeing, fitness and health. A US hiking spa is often THE destination for a health, fitness, wellbeing & relaxation break. Whereas in the UK it would usually be called a hiking or walking holiday week based in a spa, hotel or retreat, some are set in a fitness boot camp. Weight loss will be achieved by hiking through beautiful country side, usually with some extra fitness classes on offer, with spa cuisine & spa treatments. Hiking Spa’s specialize in executive health, fitness and wellbeing programs, increasing difficulty, distance and time of walks throughout your stay.

Weight Loss Spa

More hotels and resorts are using this term to describe their weightloss, fitness bootcamp, health, wellbeing and hiking spa packages. They have a focus on your relaxation with a less intensive program of classes, or a gym to workout in. They usually serve spa cuisine. Personal training and therapies are normally extra cost, and they rarely have personalized programs. This destination is likely to be more of a healthy break for relaxation, than a program for fast fat loss or to help you with lifestyle changes you want to make, so any weight loss will probably go back on when you leave.

Fat Camp

Fat Camps originated in the USA, and sometimes have a medical focus for obese and morbidly obese individuals to help them loose weight fast. Fat Camp is now being widely used to describe fat farms, fit farms or fat camps. Some military boot camps, weight loss boot camps and fitness boot camps now say they are fat camps! In the UK they are usually large groups of people – some with 50 people a week – doing group exercise and multi-activity to lose weight fast.

Fat Farm

This term again originated in the USA. In the UK there are now fat farms and fat camps and fit camps, mostly large numbers doing group exercise, sometimes offering multi-activities targeted to lose weight fast.

Health Farm

The term ‘health farm’ originated in the UK. They are Hotel or Spa’s in a rural area offering a range of massage treatments, and some now have gyms and fitness classes. The emphasis is more on relaxation and beauty pampering more like a spa, rather than to lose weight or fat.


Spa’s are places devoted to enhancing overall wellbeing. The International Association of Spa’s (ISPA) defines a SPA as a place to relax, rejoice, and rejuvenate. Top athletes understand the positive effects of spa treatments on sore muscles, with men making up 31% of spa clients in the US (a little less in the UK). In Europe, spa vouchers are available on their National Health Services! and ‘medical spa’ visits have been mainstream for years for alleviating medical complaints. European spa’s offer an initial assessment followed by water and massage treatments alongside healthy eating – often set in mountain areas for hiking or walking.

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Jessica – Reps, Dip.W.L.Consult, CIBT, IIHTT

I am an Advanced Personal Trainer, GP exercise referral specialist, Weight Loss Consultant, Remedial therapist/bodyworker, and Spa Professional. I have been lucky to work in the fitness and spa industries in the UK, France, Australia, and New Zealand.  I am a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and the International Council of Sports Therapists (ICST)

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Question by Mya L: Please read!!!!!!!!!!?
i really need to find a residential weight loss program in the state of florida and when i mean residential i mean somewhere i can stay for a few months or maybe even a year i really need to find a place that is affordable someone please help me i did all the searches on the internet but i cant find it it would mean the world to me if someone could help me pretty please ?

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Answer by carobygirl
It won’t be affordable, as fat camp is a luxury. Sorry.

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