Weight loss drug, Clenbuterol Surfacing contradictions Tips

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3 Responses to Weight loss drug, Clenbuterol Surfacing contradictions Tips

  1. Big Jordan says:

    just run a search for effedra-containing drugs… those are all illegal!

  2. lindablue8 says:

    I believe the pill that was taken off the market was called -phen phen. My suggestion is weight lose pills are not good, after you are off of them, the weight comes back on again. Plus they cause alot of heart problems, it’s like taking speed.
    The best diet I have found is-Weight Watchers. You didn’t put the weight on over night and it isn’t going to come off that fast.

  3. SLM says:

    Linda, I don’t think she was asking your opinion on what to do – she clearly stated “I’m NOT asking for ADVICE or anything …” “I DON’T need to lose weight- I’m just curious about it.”

    So giving your advice was useless, and no body is interested in what you did to “lose weight” because obviously your fat — still. So shut up.

    Anyways Mary the drug your talking about is ephedra.

    But whatever your real reason for asking, don’t put your finger down your throat – it only causes more problems then you want to deal with. :)

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