Weight Loss Statistics: Depression And Weight Loss Tips


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Weight loss is a major concern with all the press and attention being given to obesity, the obesity epidemic and the irreparable damage that is being done to individuals, families and society as the problem continues to escalate. The Society for the Study of Ingested Behavior (SSIB) presents new information gleaned from research conducted by their organization that could offer new insight into the problem.

The organization studied the effect of weight loss on depressed individuals. Experts have theorized in the past that depressed individuals should avoid dieting because it could increase their symptoms of depression. But research conducted by The Society for the Study of Ingested Behavior indicates differently.

The 6 month study included both depressed and non-depressed participants. All participants underwent a supervised weight loss program dependent upon lifestyle change and meal replacements. Both depressed and non-depressed individuals participating lost weight during the course of the study (with non-depressed weight loss averages coming in slightly higher than depressed participant weight loss averages).

As a result of the weight loss depressed individuals in the study seemed to benefit in two additional ways:

1. They experienced noticeable mood improvement.

2. Reduced triglycerides. (As a common risk factor for both heart attack and stroke this is a drastic health benefit).  

This study conducted by the SSIB offers conclusions based on the positive relationship between weight loss and depression that was apparent after the 6 months. Further study will be necessary to pinpoint the exact causes and effects that are relevant to the positive connection between weight loss and depression. Further study would also be appropriate as this leaves experts with even stronger indications that weight loss could be a beneficial treatment for a variety of psychiatric disorders.

Experts are a dime a dozen when it comes to weight loss. And many of them have different opinions. There are also many options for weight loss. Some are prescription. Some are homeopathic. Some are surgical. Consumers considering weight loss should be aware of all the options and weight the benefits with the consequences and side effects prior to committing to any program. This avoids frustration and increases that chances of successful weight loss.

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Question by DMan: What are the statistics for keep weight off after weight loss?
I would say I lost about forty to fifty pounds of fat and got into really good shape. I did it approximately five years ago. I haven’t gained it back, and have worked really hard to keep it off.
What are the statistics for keeping the weight off, I know its pretty low
Actually I lost the weight in around two months or so due to stress. I didn’t do it correctly.

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Answer by Dave F
the reason the statistics are low for keeping the weight off is because the majority of people do not do it the right way. its obvious you worked hard and ate right, for people who did it like you the statistics are high for keeping it off. for people who go on the atkins or starvation diets the statistics are very low

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