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If there’s one universal truth about dieting, it is this: sooner or later, everyone falters. The willpower flags. Temptation strikes. Stress drives you to the fridge. It happens. The trick is to accept these pitfalls and get back in the game as fast as possible.

To help keep you motivated and moving forward, here are some tried and true weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tip Sheet:

Weight Loss Tip #1: Learn to Eat Like a Thin Person.

Yes, the thin and the overweight do eat differently. Thin people eat when they are hungry, stop when they’re full, and push away from the table without difficulty. They can even say no to dessert! How do they do it? Like this:

* Eat more slowly and take smaller bites. It takes your brain 20 minutes to recognize that your stomach is full, so extend each meal.

* Drink water with meals to help fill the stomach.

* Put your fork down between each bite.

* Always measure your portion onto your plate, don’t eat right out of a serving dish.

* If you’re still hungry after eating, wait 20 minutes before reaching for a second helping.

* Always sit down at a table to eat so you can relax and focus on your eating habits.

* Limit your meals to a designated place so you aren’t tempted to cheat by snacking in front of the TV or in the car.

* Space out meals so you eat more in the morning and less at night.

* And eat smaller meals more often so you don’t get ravenous.

Weight Loss Tip #2: Cheat on Your Diet and Get Away With It.

Hunger. Boredom. Stress. There are many reasons why we cheat on our diets. This weight loss tip is all about how to cheat without doing serious damage. So you can brush yourself off and get back on track.

* If you have to pig out between meals, have a “free” food snack: a cup of broth, a sugar-free Popsicle or Jello, a handful of fiber cereal… anything to quell your hunger without sugar or fat.


* For meals, eat as many veggies as you want. Raw ones, steamed one, salads, soups. No one ever got fat eating vegetables.

* The natural sugars in fruit will give you a burst of energy and satisfy that sweet tooth. Fruit does have carbs, however, so keep this weight loss tip within limits.

* If you’re still hungry, take a small portion of protein (egg, slice of turkey, cottage cheese) to help tide you over to the next meal.

* If you’ve eaten all that, you should be full. If not, try a small serving of complex carbohydrates like hot cereal, chick peas, beans, crackers, etc.

Weight Loss Tip #3: Plan Your Meals.

The logic behind this weight loss tip is simple: Planning your meals reduces the risk of impulse eating. Write down what you plan to eat for each meal a day or two in advance. As you plan, remember these weight loss tips: well-spaced meals, snacks to keep from getting hungry, a protein food every 3-4 hours, less food as the day goes on.

Weight Loss Tip #4: Graze. Often.

Spacing out your meals into 5 or 6 smaller meals a day is better for digestion, blood sugar levels, energy levels and of course better for weight loss. Here’s a sample menu:

8 am – 1 poached egg, slice of whole grain toast

10 am – 1 carton fat-free yogurt

12 noon – chef salad with turkey/lean ham, fat-free dressing

2 pm – low sodium V-8 juice, raw veggies

4 pm – slice low-fat cheese, 1 piece of fruit

6pm – 4oz fish, 2 cups cooked vegetables

8pm – 1/2c fiber cereal, 3Tb raisins, 1/2c skim milk

Grazing not only provides you with the nutrients you need, but keeps you satisfied with far fewer calories.

Weight Loss Tip #5: Dine Out. Carefully.

These days, people eat out a lot. Making it hard to maintain control over calorie intake. Fortunately, more and more restaurants recognize the growing concern over healthy eating and are open to requests for certain types of preparation or ingredients. Here’s what you can do:

* Ask how foods are prepared then choose wisely: favor steamed, broiled, poached, with no butter or sauce on the side. That’s cheating!

* Avoid foods that are: au gratin, in butter, oil, gravy or cream sauce, sauteed, fried, braised or escalloped. Anything made with mayonnaise is sure to be high in fat.

* Ask for dressing on the side and use in moderation.

* Consider an appetizer and a salad instead of a main entree.

* Share an entree with a friend.

* Ask for a doggy bag if the portion is too large for your appetite or your meal plan.

* Beware breakfast! Their menus are usually very fatty. Opt for fresh fruit or juice.

* Use milk instead of cream in your coffee.

* Skip the alcohol, those calories add up fast.

* Ask the waiter to remove the bread from the table.

* Ask for vinegar or lemon juice instead of salad dressings.

* Instead of sour cream on that baked potato, try plain yogurt or salsa.

* Replace French fries with a salad or veggies.

Weight Loss Tip #6: Binge… and Get Over It.

Binging is understandable. But don’t use one binge as an excuse to give up on your diet. If you overindulge, your metabolism will work even harder the next day to burn off those extra calories. So return to your meal plan as soon as possible. Make up for the binge by cutting back on calorie intake for a day or two. And do a good workout to fry off those extra calories. And at all costs, don’t get into a pattern of binging and depriving yourself. That will really mess up your system.

If you use these simple yet effective weight loss tips, you’ll be on your way to losing weight in a sustainable, healthy manner.

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Question by Short stuff: I need help with Weight loss!?
I need some help on losing weight. I weight 240 pounds and the doc man said I need to lose at least 100 pounds. I have been fat all my life and I don’t know where to begin. I don’t have family support like I would like to have. I come from a farly chunky family. I NEED HELP! A friend of mine told me about this yahoo answers and said to try this. I don’t know what to do or where to Begin i got myself a treadmill at a garage sale for $ 10 if that says anything. :( I don’t have any money and i am doing this solo because I have no family support. Im in college and I am a female. There is health clubs but it is too expansive. I need help with finding a diet and exercise plans and printable diet sheet so I can keep track. Please help!
I cant swim!
I don’t know any exercizes. and i dont like the word ect. I need know know what you are saying! i dont mean to sound rude but i just don’t know!…. :(
is there any no calorie foods?
please email me at mandiemae1986@yahoo.com with more i pushed the wrong buttion but I need More advice! Please help!

Best answer:

Answer by Yao
Firstly, eat regularly, skipping meals will hurt more than it helps.Have a balace and reasonable die habit. Secondly, you should get the rid of having junk foods. Last but least, you should take exercise at regular times. Swimming may help lost weight quickly.

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5 Responses to Weight Loss Tip Sheet to Stay on Track Tips

  1. Brittany says:

    Hey girl. Losin weight is tough I’m in the same boat. I weigh200 and gotta get it off. I’ve tried all the fad diets out there and they just don’t work. However I’ve started a new diet and have lost six pounds in the first week. All I’m doing is taking brisk walks with a two pound weight in each hand. When I get to out of breath I sit down for a minute rest then get up and keep going. I walk about a mile and a half every day. Then when I get home I do some floor exercises. Leg lifts crunches etc. My diet consists of absolutely no soda!!! I eat very very little sugar lean meats like chicken and fish. Fresh vegtables ad lean cuisines. When I get snacky I drink a glass of water and chew a piece of gum. It really helps. And lastly I’m taking be hot turbo packs from gnc which are made specifically for women. I hope this helps. Good luck you can do it!!!!

  2. SRVC says:

    You can check this link, it might help.


    Also for more related articles on weight loss, diet and health… check out this link too.


  3. Joe The Trainer says:

    Try the Fat X workout and diet program. I’ve used it with my clients to help the burn fat, lose weight and get toned fast. The workout videos and diet are free on the Fat X 101 blog.

  4. Made says:

    If someone tells you that they have a pill or “easy trick” then they are lying to you!

    The most important part of weight loss is diet. You should start writing down everything you eat, and the amount of calories in it. Be sure to pay attention to serving size! Try to get as many fresh veggies, with minimal dressings and sauces. Lean meats, like grilled chicken and turkey, are also good. You want to make sure that you always eat AT LEAST 1200 calories a day. There are websites like fitday and thedailyplate that can help you keep track of these things. But the most important thing is the number of calories you eat. You’ll feel better if you’re eating better, less hungry, so make your calories count with quality food!

    But weight loss is not something that happens overnight. The hardest part is not getting discouraged and giving up. You can seek out weight loss internet communities to get a buddy. Other things you can do include keeping up with that notebook of everything you eat and how much you exercise.

    You also, at first, should ignore your scale. Generally, when someone starts exercising, their initial gains in muscle weight can offset their losses of fat. So, it is better to use measurements or how clothing fits to tell that you are getting smaller. Try to exercise at least four times a week. Get into a routine with it–the more it is habit, the easier it is to keep up. You can alternate walking and running with going up and down stairs. Push-ups can help with arm strength, and are free!

    One of the best ways to stay encouraged is to set mini-goals. Like, aim to walk a mile in under 15 minutes, or to fit into a pair of pants that are too small for you right now. When you achieve a goal, treat yourself to something nice!

    You probably will slip up and eat too much some days, or forget to exercise every now and then. But just because you make a mistake doesn’t mean you’ve wiped out all of the good you’ve already done! Getting back on track is what separates those who lose weight and those who give up and don’t. So, if you slip up, just resolve to do better, and then make the effort to do better.

    Good luck, and work hard!

  5. Lindsey says:


    Get this guide about weight loss
    It will definietly help you


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