What is hypnosis for weight loss? Tips

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6 Responses to What is hypnosis for weight loss? Tips

  1. WayMoreParsecs says:

    By all means. What do you have to lose??

  2. Greg S says:

    Hypnosis can be a great tool depending on the individual, some people see great results others see no results at all, it all depends on how open your mind is. It’s worth a shot as long as it’s not too expensive, but the end result will be controlling your diet and exercising, something you can do without hypnosis.

  3. (¸.•´Leanna¸.•¨) says:

    My cousin did it for smoking and it helped her quit…She did other stuff too like saving her money that was normally spent on cigs to fund a vaction…But I do think it helps if you have an addiction, try it and see!

  4. professionaleccentric says:

    Weight loss is not a good goal for hypnosis use. Some things respond well to hypnosis, but not that. I’d try something else.

  5. MyKidsMom says:

    I don’t know about hypnosis, but I tried accumpuncture for weight loss and IT DIDNT WORK! All I got out of it was the opportunity to listen to a nut job ramble on for 1.5 hours, slight pain and pins in my ears that I had to remagnetize every five hours for 3 days. Total waste of $ 70!

  6. Fred W says:

    Well what do you have to lose, but the weight?

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